Sea of Cortes UnCruise Trip Report – part 4


Day 6 – Ensenada Grande
 Today was the day we had been waiting for all cruise – the day we get to snorkel with Sea Lions.   This was the main reason I was willing to brave the water earlier in the week to get the hang of snorkeling.   It was a little choppy but at least the wind had died down and the sun was out.   There was a dozen of us willing to get in the water with the sea lions while the others had an option to stay dry and just go around the sea lion island in a small boat.  I suited up with my multiple layers and was ready.   We had to take a skiff over to the boat from a company (Fun Baja) that takes people out to swim with the Sea Lions.  The rookery is on the island of Partida in the Espiritu Santo Island Archipelago.  Our guide Carlos gave all the details on what to do and what not to do.   You really do not want to annoy the large male sea lions.   We pulled up to the island it and really was covered in sea lions and also lots of birds.   The rocks actually looked snow covered due to all the bird droppings.   It was time to get in the water and you cannot help but be noisy when getting in because it was so cold but I waited a bit for my heart to adjust and then we started swimming closer.   I kept my eye on Carlos as I didn’t want to lose him figuring he knew best what to do.  As we got closer a big wave hit me and I drank a good bit a sea water and was about ready to say get me out of here but I took a few minutes to recover and calm down.   After that I really did start to enjoy it and get the hang of it.    I was floating along and a little sea lion swam right over to me.   I wasn’t sure what to do but I laughed so hard I got a mask full of water.   This little guy really had fun playing with us.  He nibbled on anyone hands that were out or their flippers.    He also thought Carlos’s orange life ring looked like fun and played around with that for a bit.   We thought he might go through it like a sea lion at a show but he didn’t.   He was also able to entertain himself quite well as I watched him dive down and he blew a few big bubbles and then he followed them up to the surface but right before they reached the top he would pop them with his nose.  Again I was laughing and let me just say laughing and snorkeling do not go well together.   We were out in the water about an hour and by then I was really cold so I was happy when Carlos asked who is ready to go back to the boat.   On the short swim back Carlos told us to keep looking in the water as there are sometimes big rays out there.   I looked down and decided I really didn’t want to see if there was one as it looked way too deep.   I was better off keeping my head out of the water.   I was glad to get back on the boat and sit in the sun and try to warm my fingers up again.   When we got back on the ship it was right in the hot tub to warm up.   This was the last excursion with wetsuits so we helped by dunking them in the containers of clean water and hung them up.   We also rinsed the other borrowed gear and put in the piles for the crew to put away.  We did all this before lunch!   I had worked up a hunger and was happy to not have to wait long for lunch.  

After lunch we headed out for one last guided kayak.  The wind had picked up a bit so we mostly stuck to the coast but it was another fun paddle.    We were than back onboard for one last happy hour.   We also had to start thinking about packing the the procedure for the morning.  Guests with an early flight were scheduled for the first bus back to Los Cabos while the rest of us went back to the hospitality area that we met at on the first day.   After all the talk about what to do in the morning it was time for dinner but Jess told us to pop back into the lounge after dinner as there would be a slide show of photos that the guides took all week.   We enjoyed one last delicious dinner and watched the show before heading back to pack.  

Our Last Day
  Our luggage had to be tagged and outside our door before we went to 7 am breakfast.   We had one last time to say goodbye to our new friends and then it was time to board the buses.   Most of the crew were out on the pier to say goodbye which was a very nice touch.  We headed back to Los Cabos and walked around town for a bit before it was time for our shuttle back to the airport.    We had a great time in Baja and would definitely do it again!