Celebrate Independence!

Celebrate your independence!  Solo traveling is becoming more and more popular as people realize the freedom to do your own thing on vacation is really nice.   I have traveled solo a few times and I will admit the first time I was really nervous but then I realized you are never really alone when traveling.There are a lot of pros and cons to traveling alone and here are a few that I ran into and how I dealt with them:

  • 1. You get to pick where and when you will travel without having to compromise with anyone else.  It was nice not having to work with around else’s schedule.
  • 2. While on vacation you can choose what you want to do.   It is just nice to be able to decide I want to walk over here and look at this right now and not have to drag anyone else or have to skip it because the others don’t want to see it.
  • 3.  You only have to keep track of your own things.  As a mom I loved not having pack for someone else or be responsible for carrying anyone else’s stuff while exploring.
  • 4. Sometimes there is only room for one more.    There can be advantages especially while visiting a theme park solo where you can get in a shorter line as a solo.   You might also be able to score last minute tickets to a show or on an excursion because there was only one seat left.
  • 5. Meet new people.  You are more likely to talk to strangers when traveling alone just because you don’t have anyone else to talk to.


  • 1. It can get a little lonely.  Sometimes you might just wish you had a certain someone with you to share in this special moment.  I was usually most lonely when it is bedtime and you are in a strange room alone.  I would usually call someone or just keep TV or Music on so that it wasn’t too quiet.
  • 2. It can sometimes cost more.  Certain suppliers might charge a single supplement which means you end up paying almost as much as being 2 people when you are just 1.   You can shop around to look for deals or options that do not charge a single supplement.  Many cruise lines now even offer studio rooms where they are designed for just one person.  Some tour suppliers might even offer to match you up with a roommate if you want to save money that way (personally I cannot see myself ever going for that option but some people don’t mind).
  • 3. Eating alone can be awkward.   I admit I never like eating out alone and will do whatever I can to make myself look busy while eating.  If you are part of a tour group or on a cruise you are usually seated with others for meals so that can help.
  • 4. You have to remember everything because there is no one else to remind you if you forget.   I am very good at forgetting things like how to get back to the hotel or where I parked so without someone to ask it can be a little challenging.
  • 5.  May not always get the best photos with you in them.  I stink at taking selfies and also really don’t like asking strangers to take my photo so my solo trips just don’t have as many photos with me in them.


​My favorite travel options for going solo are a tour group, cruise, and theme parks.   In a tour group there will usually be a bunch of people and not everyone will know each other but you will all be going to the same locations throughout your vacation. Tour guides are usually very good at making the group all feel like they know each other really well after the first day and you will never feel alone.  On a cruise you won’t get as personal with all your shipmates as on a tour group, but there is always plenty to do and others doing the same things that you feel like part of a group.   In theme parks there is just so much to do where you are always on the move so being solo is actually super easy.

If you have ever thought about traveling solo go for it – you won’t regret it!