Alaska Trivia

Did you know all of that about Alaska?  I was amazed by how big Alaska really is when you see it laid on top of the rest of the US!  That trivia doesn’t even mention things like how big Glacier Bay National Park is (3.3 million acres by the way).  Glacier Bay is just a small part of the 25 million acre World Heritage site (one of the world’s largest international protected areas).
I am on my way back for my second visit but this time I am doing a cruisetour so I can get to see more of the land portion of Alaska.  If you are like me and going to Alaska from the East Coast (or really anywhere East of the Mississippi) you really do want to consider doing a cruisetour that allows you the time to see a lot of what Alaska has to offer.   If you think about it getting to Alaska from the East can take almost as long as going over to Europe.  I don’t about you but I don’t fly to Europe and only take a 7 night vacation so why do that with Alaska.
In case you might not have thought about how long it takes let me give you an idea of my current flight.   We left Orlando at 7:15 pm.  Our flight had a connection in Denver on the way to Seattle.   We landed in Seattle around Midnight.   The flight to Fairbanks for the start of our cruisetour was another 3 hours and 45 minutes.   There was a flight that next morning at 6:45 am however we decided to break it up a bit and spend the day in Seattle.   I am really glad we did this because it really helped make that 6:45 am flight the next day much more bearable.
We will start our tour in Fairbanks making our way back down to Anchorage and then hop on a cruise to take us back to Vancouver.   At least on the way home we have a few hours less of flying.    If you are going to fly all this way you really do want to have at least 10 days in Alaska if not more!
​Stay tuned for more from my Alaska Adventure!