A Whole New World?   How planning to visit a Disney Theme Park will change.

 Many things will be different for awhile when it comes to travel but different doesn’t always mean bad.  A couple good things are smaller crowds and cleaner places. Today I am focusing on how Disney Theme Parks will be different for awhile.
Disney has made many announcements over the past few days and it can be hard to keep up with them all.  If you are thinking of a Disney vacation in the near future you will need to weigh a few things to decide if it is the best for you to go now or wait until things return to more like they used to be.   There is good and bad to both options.   

Here are 5 things you will need to keep in mind when planning your next Disney vacation.

#1 – Disney is limiting the number of guests allowed in the park each day.   They have implemented a park reservation system in the My Disney Experience where you can log in to reserve your park days.   These will be required for awhile so best to log in as soon as possible to book your days.   The good part of this is there won’t be huge crowds in the parks for awhile.   As of right now Disney is taking park reservations through 2021.

#2 – Not everything will be coming back when the parks reopen.   For the foreseeable future there won’t be extra magic hours, fastpass, parades, or fireworks.  As of now there will not be any dining plans available to add to your vacation package (I have heard there is a good chance dining plans will come back sometime in 2021 though).  Park Hopping is not available for 2020 but looks to be coming back in 2021 at least as of now but all things Disney are always subject to change.  Disney also has not made any announcements for the water parks reopening yet so they might also stay closed for the rest of 2020.   While most of the Disney resorts will be reopened by the end of 2020 there a few exceptions.   The three All Star Resorts along both of the Port Orleans and Wilderness Lodge are currently not scheduled to reopen before 2021.  

#3 – Masks and temperature checks are here to stay at least into 2021.   There will be places designated that you can go and remove your mask and take a break around the parks.  You also will not have to wear a mask while swimming or eating.  Taking more breaks at the resort will be a good way to avoid mask fatigue.    One tip is to bring multiple masks since you will want fresh ones and also might need a replacement if you get caught in the rain or lose one while riding an attraction.  Disney will of course also be selling some fun themed masks as well.

#4 – Going contactless is going to be big.   Whenever possible Disney is making things as contactless as possible.   That does mean we will all be relying on our mobile devices for a lot more things.  Disney is pretty much going to require you to have the app on at least one mobile device per travel party.   The app will let you do things like check in for your resort and go right to your room without having to visit the front desk.   You can chat with guest services via the app.   You can use the app for getting into the parks (no more free magic bands starting 1/1/21).  You can order food for many counter service locations via the app.  Some menus are even going digital where you scan the QR code to get the menu on your phone.  You can also use your phone to tap to pay for things.  One tip I have for this is to always make sure your phone is fully charged when you head out to the parks and having a portable charger will be a big help too.

#5 – Now more than ever it is a good time to enlist the talent of a Disney Travel Specialist like myself and my team at Pop Vacations!   I have been booking magical Disney vacations for almost 19 years so I know how to stay on top of all the information you will need to make your visit as stress free as possible.