3 Ways to Save on Disney Vacations Without Giving Anything Up

I have been specializing in Disney vacations now for 18 years.   There is a lot that goes into planning a Disney vacation and I really like to help in any way since I know it is a big expense for most families.  The cost is one of the biggest factors and over the years I have learned a few ways to help with that.   I know you have all probably seen many articles about how to save money while you are in Disney like eating breakfast in the room or bringing your own snacks into the parks.   I have 3 easy tips to save money before you leave home and they don’t require you to cut back on anything you want to do in order to save.

The #1 tip I have is to use a travel agent that specializes in Disney.    I know I am very bias on this one but I am not just saying you should use me (even though I do think you should) but using any travel agent that knows Disney can help you save money up-front because we know all the offers and stay on top of that for you and will apply any savings possible for you.   If you call Disney and book with them they will happily take your money but they are not going to call you a few months later and say hey guess what we are now offering a discount and we applied it for you.   A good Disney travel agent will do that!  A good Disney travel agent will also be honest and help you figure what you really do need and what you would be wasting money on.

#2 – Choose a credit card with nice perks.   You might need to start this tip well before planning your vacation to give you enough time to rack up some rewards but they can be well worth it.   If you choose a good reward credit card you can rack some rewards that can help you take money off your vacation cost.  A good airline one might make it so you can fly free.  Disney also has a card that gives you rewards and you can use those rewards to pay towards your vacation or save them to use while on vacation.   A Disney Visa also gives you no interest on Disney vacation package reservations for 6 months so that could also save you some money and give you more time to pay.

#3 – Disney Gift cards.   This is sort of linked with #2 in that you can save money buying Disney gift cards if you have certain credit cards, such as a Target Visa.   You can save 5% when you use your Target Visa to buy Disney gift cards at Target so that can add up.  Warehouse stores like BJs and Sam’s also offer discounts on Disney gift cards.   I have had many clients send me multiple gift cards to make payments on their vacations.  I even had one once that paid her whole Disney Cruise using gift cards (that 5% on over $5000 does add up).   Going back to #1 a good Disney agent will be happy to take as many gift cards as you need to use for making payments.

I know there are many other ways you can do things to save on Disney vacations but I think these 3 are the easiest to get what you really want and save a little too.