the other C word

If you are like me you are tired of hearing about the C word- and no I don’t mean the next Tuesday one or even Cancer which has been called the big C.   Right now the C word is Corona-virus (Covid-19) from China and it has people going Crazy.  

This C word is causing Chaos, Changes, Cancellations, and Closures.  

Instead people should use a few other C words like:

People are freaking out and doing things like stealing face masks and hand sanitizer from hospitals or stocking up on things like this is the end of the world. A plane made an emergency landing over a man freaking out over a women sneezing and turns out it is just allergies.  It can be hard to tell fact from over blown media scares so let’s think back to some of these other scares in the past few years.
In the travel industry we have rode out many other things like this – do you remember Zika? SARS?  Swine Flu (H1N1)?  How about Ebola?  They didn’t happen that long ago but now if you were to do a Google search on what is Zika you will see a box on the right that says extremely rare.  The others also say rare too and if you look at the number of people that die from those it is small.  At the time they were in the news everyone was worried about getting it and doing things similar to now.   Those all passed and we survived.   You take more chances of dying in a car accident every day you go out of your house, so why let something that is just a flu make you think you are going to die.

Here is my personal plan on dealing with this C word:

  • I will take care of all my clients and make sure they are informed and comfortable with whatever decision they make for their own vacations.
  • I won’t be changing any of my own travel plans which include cruising in March and April (if they get cancelled some other way I will look for something else to take it’s place).
  • I will wash my hands even more than normal and pay closer attention to not putting my hands anywhere on my face if I haven’t’ washed recently.   
  • I won’t be wearing a mask. 
  • I won’t freak out if I were to get the virus because I know I will be OK.
  • I will stay home if I were to get sick.
  • I will never stop cruising!

If you want to know more facts I find the CDC is the best place to check –