My Ocean Medallion Experience


Princess Cruise Line has some pretty cool cruise technology called Ocean Medallion.  I will admit I was very skeptical when I first heard about this new technology.    I have been on many cruises and experienced the iffy internet so I wondered how using a technology that relies a lot on WiFi could possibly work.   That being said Princess did have some bumps along the way when they first rolled it out but based on my recent cruise I think they have sorted through most of those now.   Of course I was also sailing on a brand new ship which was the first to be built from the group up with the technology in place.    

What Does Ocean Medallion Do?  
 This fun technology starts even before you leave home.   Once have booked your cruise you are prompted to download the Medallion App (note that previously you were required to download multiple apps but I happy to say they have consolidated it to one).  In the app you can do your online check in and upload both a security photo along with another photo if you would like something different to be your profile photo (this is the one that will show up your room door and other places).   Once you have completed the online check in you are able to confirm the order for your Medallion.   Princess will ship these to you free of charge with the basic lanyard.   You also have the option to add on other accessories if you would like to have other ways to  wear your Medallion.    I chose to stick with the free option.  The Medallion itself is very nice.  They are about the size of a quarter and will have your name and sail date printed on them along with being color coded for the level your are in the Captain’s Circle program (side note Captain’s Circle is the loyalty program for Princess and there are a few different colors based on how many times you have sailed with Princess).    
When you arrive at the port have your medallion out and you can take the quick line for guests with medallions.  This was the fastest check in process I have ever had!  Now the fun stuff begins!

    ​Once onbaord your Medallion will unlock your door as you get to your room so no more having to get your room key out to tap it or anything.   Just walk up to your room wearing your medallion and your photo will appear and your room is unlocked.  There are games in the app both Casino games and games just for fun along with some videos you can watch.   You can also create an OceanTagalong which like your onboad avatar for playing games and interacting with the large screens around the ship.  All the of fun games and videos are free but if you choose the Casino games those are played just like you were in the casino.  
There is also OceanCompass which not only helps you find your way around the ship but it will also help you find other guests that are using the medallion.   I tried this out a few times on my cruise and it was kind of fun to see where someone else was on the ship.  You do have to both agree to being tracked before this will work those so you cannot just stalk some random guest.   I can see this being really handy for parents or large groups traveling together.
  The daily schedule of events is listed and you can choose to bookmark certain things you want to attend.   You can also reserve things like dining and shore excursion from the app.  Last but not least, what I think is really the best feature is being able to order things from your app and they will be delivered to wherever your with your Medallion (within reason of course).  If you are too far from something the option to choose that location to order from won’t show up.   I first used this from my room to get robes delivered.  It was so easy and so quick.   Then we tried it out up in the buffet area to get a couple slices of pizza delivered to our table from Slice the pizza counter out by the pool.  It was quick and so much easier than standing in line outside to get them.   You can order drinks from the nearest bar (TIP – as of now they are offering your first drink free when you order from the app.   Not sure how long that will last but if they are still offering it you will see that pop-up when you go to order).   When you order anything from the app you can track the progress in the app so you will it go from processing to delivering.   It will even tell you the name of the person delivering your order and might ask you to hold up your medallion to help the server find you.  The server will know your name and photo so they will call your name and will make sure you match the photo too.
I didn’t have any problems using this fun technology during my cruise and I really do think it improves the experience a lot!   The one thing I am really surprised about is that Disney Cruise Line didn’t do this first.