Do you “BOOK” your travels

  I love doing research on travel – which is really why I became an agent.   It isn’t just guidebooks and facts about the locations that I enjoy but I also love finding good fiction books that include the destination I am traveling to.  Or in reverse I love to travel to a place I read about in a great book.  My love of books played a big part in me starting the non-cruise portion of my agency called Pop Culture Vacations.   I wanted to focus on some places that play a big role in popular books and help others plan vacations to visit those places so they really feel like they are walking in the footsteps of their favorite character.
   I recently came across a fun website –  If you are looking for a book that is based in the destination you are planning to travel to you can easily search this site for recommendations.   They offer both fiction and non-fiction.   They even break it down by genre so you can search for just the type of book you prefer.  I personally like to look for something with a little bit of legend or myths about the destination.   My husband prefers the historical fiction.
  If you are not sure where you want to travel next maybe you could be inspired by reading.   If you are looking for some good travel fiction check out –