Cruising Again Soon!

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to get back on a cruise!   The CDC announced last night that the no sail order will expire 10/31.   I do hope that means cruising in the US will get started again in November!   Some cruse ships have been sailing the Mediterranean since August and has been pretty much smooth sailing so far.   There are new rules in place to cruise but there are new rules everywhere now so I am OK with that.   One family on the first cruise to start up in the Mediterranean learned the hard way that these rules are strict and put in place for everyone’s safety.  They were told if you go on shore you have to stay with the tour group and if you don’t you will not be allowed back onboard.  They didn’t follow the rule and wandered of so therefore not allowed back on the ship.  I totally agree with this policy and glad to see the cruise line stuck to it.  

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)—the industry association representing 95% of all ocean-going cruise capacity globally—announced that its member lines have agreed to a common set of mandatory health protocols.
​Here is a list of the new protocols that will most likely be put in place when cruising in the US does start again – 

  • Mandatory COVID-19 testing of 100% of passengers and crew prior to embarkation (although the precise timing and type of testing isn’t specified)
  • Mandatory mask-wearing by guests and crew whenever physical distancing can’t be maintained, both onboard and on excursions
  • Implementation of physical distancing measures in terminals, onboard ships, and on shore excursions (including private islands)
  • Air management and ventilation strategies to increase fresh air onboard, where feasible, using enhance filters and other technologies
  • Enhanced medical capability, tailored to each ship, to manage medical needs, including dedicated cabin capacity for isolation and other measures, and arrangements with private providers for shoreside quarantine, medical facilities and transportation
  • Only permitting shore excursions that meet cruise operators’ prescribed protocols, with required passenger compliance