Cruise vs All Inclusive Resort

I personally prefer cruising to almost any other type of vacation but as a travel agent I do always want to research all options for my clients.  All Inclusive resorts are a popular option so I have made it a point to get to check out some of them.   Just like cruising there are many different types of All Inclusive resorts and something for all budgets.    There are some that are adult only and others that are family friendly.

I am on my way to Jamaica for a stay at an All Inclusive resort so I thought this might be a good time to compare going to an All Inclusive vs a Cruise.  Both vacation options offer some similar things.  They both offer accommodations and most meals in your upfront cost.  The pros and cons really vary based on what you are looking for in a vacation.

You might want to pick a cruise if…
#1 If you want to see more than one destination during your vacation
#2 If you are not a big drinker and don’t want to be paying for alcohol to be included.
#3 If you like the idea that if the weather is bad your vacation can change where it is going to avoid the weather.
#4 If you want to avoid flying since many cruise starting points could be within driving distance.  Even if you cannot drive to the starting port you might find cheaper flights for a cruise than flying to an island destination for an All Inclusive.
#5 If you do not have a passport.   While it isn’t recommend it is possible to take a cruise out of the United States and not have a passport.

You might want to pick an All Inclusive if… 
#1 If you really want a vacation where you really don’t do much at all   Most All Inclusives will not have much scheduled for each day so you can just lay around the pool or on the beach.
#2 If you want to spend more time in one place and be able to go to the beach at any time (most of the All Inclusive resorts will have some kind of beach even if you can’t always swim there).
#3 If you are a big drinker and like a vacation that includes all you can drink in your upfront cost.
#4 If you want to have the option for some water sports that won’t cost you extra (most resorts will have some type of water sports like kayaking included)
#5 If you get motion sickness and prefer a vacation that stays on solid ground.

If you are unsure what might work best for you a good travel (shameless plug) will be happy to help you figure that out.