6 Splurges on Your Alaska Cruise that are worth it

​ Alaska really is an amazing wilderness and one that everyone should have on their must see list.   An Alaska cruise is not your typical cruise though.   There are certain things that are worth the splurge when it comes to an Alaska Cruise. 

#1 Your room – This is one of those times when splurging for a balcony is really worth it.   There will be a lot to see outside and it is nice to be able to watch some of it from the comfort of your room.  

#2  The excursions.    On some cruises you can get away with just exploring town or finding a beach to relax on but in Alaska the excursions are really worth the splurge.   There are many that can be a bit pricey so it is good to budget for those in advance.   I have done a few that were big splurges and they were all worth every penny.  On this visit I went big with the Helicopter to a glacier to go dog sledding.   It was truly amazing!    There were only a total of 4 adults on our excursion so it felt very private and we got a lot of time on the glacier with the dogs.   This is something you really cannot do anywhere else so it one of those once in a lifetime moments you won’t soon forget.  The other big splurge we did last time in Alaska was a flight-seeing ride on a float-plane.   Alaska is really best seen by air and you can only get to some places via a plane.   Our float-plane flew around some fjords and even landed on a lake so we could pop out of plane for a bit.   Again there were only 4 people total in our plane so it was pretty much a private excursion.   If you are into fishing then Alaska is one of those places you must book a fishing excursion.  You can even have the chef back onboard cook up your catch for your for dinner!   You can also ship your big catch home if you prefer.   

#3 Private viewing areas.  Find out if you ship offers any private areas that you can reserve for your time in Glacier Bay or whichever glacier you might visit on your cruise.   The top decks can get very crowded on the glacier day so if you ship offers a private area you can reserve a spot it is worth the cost.   For our cruise Princess offers the Sanctuary up on the top deck in the very aft of the ship.   This area is available to reserve anytime during the cruise for a small fee but on glacier day it really it a great place to be.   The lounge chairs are super comfy with extra blankets and attentive service.   You do get to actually reserve a specific chair so you can come and go and not worry about losing your spot.  For our cruise they served pastries, lunch, and tea during our time in Glacier Bay.   They would also bring hot chocolate, coffee and tea or water anytime you needed more.   With the limited number of guests in the Sanctuary it was very easy to get all the perfect photos you wanted while viewing the glaciers.

#4 The right wardrobe.  Packing for Alaska can be tricky as you really do need a little bit of everything since you just never know what kind of weather you might get.  Generally in summer you can pretty much count on rain though.   Having the right gear can really help make sure you get the most out of your vacation.   Depending on where you live you might not get a lot of regular use out of some of these things but they are worth the splurge to have for Alaska.   Number one would be a nice pair of waterproof hiking type shoes.   It is no fun to be walking around in wet shoes with cold feet.   Another item that you might not normally purchase would be some water resistant clothing.    I bought a pair of water resistant hiking pants from Columbia that worked out really well for the wet days.  A good rain jacket is also much easier than carrying an umbrella.   One tip though  when it comes to certain excursions be sure to note if they will provide some gear.  We did a few excursions that did give us boots or other outerwear to keep us protected on the excursion so that was a nice bonus.

#5 Camera – Alaska has a lot of wildlife to catch a glimpse of and if you want to really capture that image your cell phone camera just isn’t going to cut it.   This is one of those trips when having a nicer camera is worth it.   Binoculars also come in handy so they are worth picking up a pair before your cruise.  

#6 – The spa.   With all the excursions and outdoor activities to choose from in Alaska a spa treatment might be just the splurge you need to recover and also warm up.   Some ship spas will also offer a thermal spa and I cannot think of anywhere better to warm up than a heated lounge chair inside the relaxing atmosphere of the spa.   Some ships will have the thermal spa set up where you can even have an amazing view of the outside while lounging.    You might be able to get just a day passes but many times only length of cruise passes are offered.   There are even some ships that have specific stateroom categories that will come with spa access included with the room.