4 Easy Ways to Social Distance on a Cruise

  I cannot wait to cruise again!   Believe it or not social distancing is so easy on a cruise! For me vacation is all about relaxation so I am always seeking out the quiet places to relax and just get away from people.  You could say I was researching social distancing even before it was required.   I know some people might think that there is no way you could find quiet uncrowded places on a cruise ship but I have always found lots of quiet options on my cruises.  Yes even on mega cruise ships with over 5,000 people onboard I was able to find quiet places away from lots of other people. 
So if you are like me and ready to jump onboard as soon as the ships start sailing again –

Here are 4 Easy Ways to Social Distance on a Cruise

#1 – Your Room –  I don’t always think it makes sense to splurge on a balcony room but right about now it seems like a great way to get your own outside deck space.  If you really want to splurge go for a suite to give yourself even more space to enjoy without other guests.  Some cruise lines also offer special areas onboard just for suite guests so you get even more places to be able to social distance.   
Sure you could go to a hotel or all inclusive resort and get a nice room but your view will never change while you are staying in that room whereas on a cruise you could see something new out your window all the time.

#2 – Room Service – Want to avoid the dining room?  Most cruise lines offer free room service so eating in the comfort of your room is easy.    Again this is where having the balcony comes in handy so you can even enjoy eating outside from your own room. 

#3 – The Spa – I cannot think of a better place to social distance and relax!   Either with a spa treatment or if the ship offers a relaxation room you can buy a pass to it is always quiet and not crowded.

#4 – Extra Charge Private Areas – Many ships now have some exclusive areas just for guests that choose to pay a little more to access these areas.  These might be a private cabana or a private area on deck.   I tried out the Sanctuary on Princess Cruise and it was totally worth the cost!  

Cruise ships have been adding new technology that will help too, like being able to order a drink or food from anywhere you are instead of having to go up to the bar or get in line for food.   

I also find if you explore the ship you can find lots of other corners of quiet either on an upper deck away from the pool, or maybe the library.   One of my favorites is if the ship has a middle deck that that is open to the outside where you can sometimes walk around the whole ship outside.   Do you have a favorite spot you have found while cruising?

Yes there are some areas or times on a cruise where social distance might be a challenge and I will talk about those next week.